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Todd Judkins

Author of Regain A Better Body, Better Health, And Turbo Charge Your Energy

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Todd Judkins is an Arizona-based author, speaker, and wellness consultant. He has always been a big dreamer, a person who strives for excellence and deeply cares about people. He was the first person in his family to earn a college degree, served as a Naval officer, and achieved success in the corporate world, but all of that came at a great price.

For 20 years, Todd ascended up the corporate ladder as a high-powered Big X consultant, traveling 180,000+ air miles per year. During his climb, like many people, he put health and wellness aside. It was really no surprise when life eventually caught up with him. Todd had sabotaged his own health, energy, and mental wellbeing. He had become the proverbial sick, tired, sleep-deprived, overweight, 40-year-old road warrior, a costly trade-off for that high-stress corporate position of his. His health was on the decline and, worst of all, Todd feared what his downfall would mean to his family. He knew things had to change… and in a hurry, since he certainly wasn’t getting any younger.

Throughout his journey, Todd realized how straight-up insane it was that he had focused so much on achieving things that, consciously or not, he began to lose control of what matters the most, his health. From the foundation of that revelation, he began to climb, step by step, back to health and wellness.

Todd quickly realized that it takes more than a workout routine and eating salads. He took a look at his lifestyle and realize that what he was doing in his busy life-the one with all the fancy titles and cozy, elite VIP treatment on his business travels was actually robbing him of his life. Everything he was doing, from his dependency on coffee to the way he slept, to his lackluster relationships with fitness and food, were causing him problems.

In time, Todd learned what it takes to control his stress levels, master the art of sleep, make physical fitness a priority, and rely on a powerful nutritional system of superfoods, all while living the life of a busy professional. Today, he has released one-quarter of his bodyweight, practices daily meditation, lifts weights, enjoys yoga, and, most importantly, is focused on eating the right foods that allow his body to do the great things it was designed to do.

Todd currently enjoys quality time with his family and is ready for whatever life has to offer. He passionately speaks, consults, and guides others along their journey to wellness through coaching and consulting programs. He is happy to share his findings and life discoveries in his book, Re-Ignite: Regain A Better Body, Better Health, And Turbo Charge Your Energy.

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