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Sandra Lin

Author of Cell Magic: How to Heal Yourself

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Sandra Lin is a Sydney based author and coach in the area of health and wellness, with a career background in the banking and finance industry.

A long term sufferer of asthma and eczema, Sandra had always chosen traditional medicine as her method of healing and recovery. After an accident resulted in severe burns that created a serious skin infection, she was placed on a lengthy course of antibiotics for nine months. It became evident that the antibiotics were not improving her condition, but were in fact creating a negative impact; she developed new symptoms such as food allergies and negative reactions to foods she could previously eat with no problem. Rashes and the eczema flared up regularly. This prompted her quest to find a holistic alternative to her ailments and life has never been the same since!

A family friend who is a Chinese herbal medicine doctor and acupuncturist suggested that Sandra become a vegetarian for six months to cleanse her body of all toxins. Initially, she was horrified; she couldn’t comprehend life without meat! But after those six months of cleansing, her attitude towards food and its connection to health and wellness had completely transformed.

When Sandra’s father was diagnosed with stage four cancer, she desperately wanted to help him. Knowing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, she began to research alternative methods on how to help cancer holistically. No daughter wants to see her father suffer.

During the research Sandra discovered important information highlighting the profound correlation between food and illness. The research uncovered numerous stories of remarkable and astounding recoveries from all kinds of disease and illness, including cancer survivors who were diagnosed with stage four cancer yet went on to live up to a decade or more based on the lifestyle changes they made.

After going through these personal experiences Sandra now wants to share her story and educate people on alternative options as diet is the key to optimum health.

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