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Dr. Tim Errington

Dr. Tim Errington

Author of Posture Matters: The New Guidebook to Vibrant Health, Longevity, and Maximized Potential

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Dr. Tim Errington describes his early years as a journey of learning. As a structural engineering surveyor, he traveled the world working with the laws of the universe, developing a deep understanding of how things can be built to last. He eventually built and ran his own successful structural engineering company in England.

A chance meeting introduced him to two talented young Doctors of Chiropractic who changed his life. Realizing that all engineering laws must be applied to the human body as well, the principles of Chiropractic resonated deeply within him.

Dr. Tim changed his direction in life to pursue his ‘life’s mission’. He moved to California to attend one of the most prestigious chiropractic schools in the world, graduating with honors in 2003.

He now describes himself as a spinal engineer and his background gives him a valuable and unique insight into the behavior of the human structure as it exists in our gravity environment.

“Having been in clinical practice as a chiropractor for over ten years on three continents I have become increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer number of people suffering from the devastating effects of poor posture. It has truly become an enormous international problem.

Now, in Singapore, I see a country losing its vitality to the worsening postures caused by lifestyle. I see people living for decades with degenerating health and the system buckling under the financial load. My overwhelming emotions are of pity and of regret. It is such a shame because, in the vast number of cases, these problems are completely avoidable. Frankly, it’s time for professionals in the ‘know’ to stand up and be counted.

We all know that we should ‘stand up straight’. We’ve heard it a million times. We can also find plenty of books out there showing us how to improve our posture, through exercise or perhaps yoga. All good advice, but without an awareness of importance there is no move to action.

This book is intended to really explain why this subject is so very important. We’ve seen the how, but without the why there is no change! With this book, I intend to bring awareness to as many as I can, that your future health is in your hands and simple lifestyle changes can literally save you from decades of failing health.”

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