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Dr. Pamela Forbes

Dr. Pamela Forbes

Author of The Forbes Way: How To Lead Based Upon Integrity, Innovation, And Ingenuity

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DR. FORBES has a PhD in Leadership education and has been involved in organizational change for over fifteen years. she is listed in the 2003 edition of International WHo’s WHo of Professional Management, and in 2008, named Woman of the Year for Community and Professional Achievement. In this book, The Forbes Way – How To Lead based Upon Integrity, Innovation, And Ingenuity, Dr. Forbes skillfully adapts a strong educational leadership tool for a successful transformation in the corporate world. Working with an organization covering eight states in the southeast, she identified the key components and outlined the specific actions for these components in a major system reform. As a result, a specifically tailored tool was developed to be used for performance evaluations and future adaptations for that organization.

Pamela Forbes has worked intimately with individuals and systems effectively developing and establishing innovative models for change. she loves people and finds great joy in helping them reach their full potential through the change process.

Pamela understands the challenge of personal growth and how that growth can affect a business. Though she has been in organizational leadership for many years, she has also been at the beginning line. experiencing how her own personal professional growth influenced the success of the “bigger goal,” she knows what it feels like to be taken for granted and not really valued as a contributor. she also understands and believes that it is imperative for leaders to remember where they came from and how they got where they are today as they help others
move forward to bigger and better things.

In June of 2005, Discover Magazine stated that: “About 80 years ago, scientists discovered that it is possible to be in two locations at the same time—at least for an atom or a subatomic particle, such as an electron. For such tiny objects, the world is governed by a madhouse set of physical laws known as quantum mechanics. At that size range, every bit of matter and energy exists in a state of blurry flux, allowing it to occupy not just two locations but an infinite number of them simultaneously.” If that is true, then Dr. Forbes believes that it is attitudes that generates energy, which interacts with all other attitudes, influencing responses and outcomes. some call this “The Jello Principle.” so within a business, what affects one affects all. The Forbes Way brings an innovative approach to change using the “Jello Principle” to move an organization towards desired outcomes while valuing
every person in the company.

If your business wants to implement a new innovation, needs to change for survival, or is struggling with implementing an improvement, then The Forbes Way may be just what you need. Working with Pamela is an experience you will never forget. Her down-to earth and warm way of helping people become their best, is an experience not to be missed. You will stretch and grow beyond your comfort zone and reach a level of personal growth and leadership you may not have thought possible. The Forbes Way can change your business!


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