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Ahmad Duranai
Author of The Leadership Zone: Lessons From The Front Lines
Akiko Kawakami
Author of The Leadership Zone: Lessons From The Front Lines
Anastasia Button
Author of #NewJobNewLife – The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success
Andreea Mihalcea
Author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track To Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are
Angel Luk
Author of YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET: The Simplest Guidebook In Performance Nutrition For Every Athlete
Anita Petty
Author of Money Switch: Flip Yourself onto Happiness, Health, & Wealth
Anna Dowe 
Author of Bent Not Broken: Finding Your Power, Passion, and Purpose**
Anwar Jumabhoy
Author of 9 ENTREPRENEURisms: Management Practice for a VUCA World
Ashikka Veerasamy
Author of Charge Up Your Organisation: Getting Real About Company ‘Diss-Ease And Its Sickening Effect On Profitability
Benjamin Foo
Author of iPOSSIBLE®! – How To Achieve Success Faster In Whatever You Do: Turning Impossibilities To Possibilities
Bindar Dosanjh
Author of Real Property Wealth for Women: Invest Your Way to Success and Have More Time to Live
Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall
Author of Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage – How to Find Harmony & Happiness No Matter What!
Charlotte Canion
Author of You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying: How to Parent Your Parents
Caroline Bachot
Author of Loi D’Attraction 2.0: Le Chemin Le Plus Court Vers Le Bonheur
Caroline Hoogerwerf
Author of The Pain Dance: How to Deal with Chronic Pain and Move beyond Victimhood
Cheryl Duffy
Author of The Divorce Tango: Move On after Divorce and Be Happy Again
Chris Dyson
Author of Target Practice: 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game
Colin Daymude
Speaker & Trainer
Connie Larkin
Author of Why Not Me?: A Pragmatic Guide To Happiness, Creating A Global Paradigm Shift
Costel Coravu
Author of STOP CONFUSION: All You Need To Know And Wikipedia Cannot Tell You About How To Have Clarity And Success
David L. Hibbs
Author of The Art of Traveling: Choreographing Your Best Trip Ever
David Bunney
Author of Success Leaves A Trail: Fast-Track Your Success In 3 Simple Steps
Dee Sarawan
Author of How To MASTER Solo Start-ups: The Tell All Guide for Solo-preneurs to Help You Manage Like an EXPERT CEO
Derrick Ruiz
Author of Cloud Agent – How Real Estate Agents Can Combine Cloud Technology With A Powerful Mindset To Produce Extraordinary Results
Des & Belinda Werner
Author of How To Join the Mile-High Club: Your Ticket To Unlimited Potential
Dr. Andrea Maxim
Author of MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones
Dr. Naomi Dongelmans
Author of Reinvigorated Care Givers: 7 Amazing Ways to Become Remarkable At Caring For People with Dementia
Dr. Tim Errington
Author of Posture Matters: The New Guidebook to Vibrant Health, Longevity, and Maximized Potential
Elma Alorro Dionela
Author of How To Turn Scars – Overcoming The Mental Side Of Breast Cancer
Edwin Zapata
Author of Your Next Step: New Tools for Financial Abundance NOW!
Dr. Pamela Forbes
Author of The Forbes Way: How to Lead Based upon Integrity, Innovation, and Ingenuity
Fiona Taylor
Author of Discover Your Voice Of Power: 7 Ways To Be Heard Loud And Clear
Florin Pasat
Author of WOW Now! – The New Guide To Reclaim An Abundant And Spectacular Life
Gargi Agarwala
Author of Wellthy Ways: 8 Counterintuitive Steps to Longevity, Self-Care, and Inner Freedom
Gee Isa-al
Author of Home At Last!: How Migrant Workers Can Retire Rich And Worry Free!
Gina Van Luven
Author of Nutrition for Success: How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life
Gurunath Hari
Author of The 6 Dimensions – Overcome Presenteeism: Excel In Work And Life (Powerful New Ways To Know What’s Stopping You And Do What It Takes To Get Ahead)
Helga DeSousa
Author of Calmness: Find The Calm In The Storm & Enjoy Life Now
Irina Vasilescu
Author of The Life and Adventures of Lazarillo de Tormes and Amis, the Sword-Mouse
Jabulani Cele
Author of Achievement Mastery System: How To Achieve Everything You Want Growing From The Inside Out
Jack H.M. Wong
Author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips To Build The Business You Always Wanted
James Burgess
Author of Chaos: How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus
Jarod & Tanika Anderson
Author of Five Star Mentality- The Mindset of the Super Achievers
Jason Campbell
Author of How To Buy Or Sell A Home Without Getting SCREWED!: Buy Right, Sell Right, Reduce Stress, And Stay Sane!
Jeffrey Alan Grinel
Author of RockUrBrain: Fun Memory Game
Jessie Christo
Author of The Financial Toolbox – Your Best Business Guide To: Less Tax, Greater Profit, And More Time!
Jochen Siepmann
Author of The Property Apprentice: How To Earn While You Learn
Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman
Authors of The New Power Couple | Relationship Speakers | Marriage Mentors
Jorge De Andrade
Author of Scale Up IT: The Roadmap to Bring Your Enterprise to the Next Level
Leila Khan
Author of 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!: A Guide to Handling ANY Problem with Ease
Karen Royal
Lillie Cawthorn
Author of The Money Factory: How Any Woman Can Make An Extra $30,000 To $100,000 Passive Income
Luminita Baltaretu
Author of AFRAID OF TURNING 50?: The Rest of Your Life: How To Make The BEST OF IT
Maggie Georgopoulos
Author of UP THE LADDER IN A SKIRT: Solidifying Your Leadership, One Bold Step At A Time
Marilyn Pierce
Author of Ground Work before Pound Work: Creating Life Changes from the Inside Out
Marisol Rose
Motivational Speaker and Family Mediator
Mark Castillero
Author of More Than a Dog Whisperer: Making It Big in the Dog Training Industry
Mary Bosiu
Author of Success Fundamentals Vol. II: Nuggets & Pearls of Wisdom to Help You Pump the Greatness in You!
Marybeth Haines
Author of The Power of Pets: 7 Effective Tools for Healing
From Pet Loss Animal expert
and grief counselor
Michael Nguyen
CEO and Publisher of Asian Success Magazine, a host of Asian Success Show, and a Professional Public Speaker
Michelle Watson
Author of Overcome & Rise Above: How To Turn The Downside Of Challenges Into The Upside Of Renewing Your Life
Millie Leung
Author of Mind and Money Makeover: How to Transform Your Life and Live Your Dreams in 3 Years or Less
Nicole Davidson
Author of How To Put The Balance In Your Business: An Owner’s Guide To Having It All
Nikki Arnold
Author of POSITIVITHINK™: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive
Peggy Weekes
Author of A Mix of Two Worlds: Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health
Pek Siok Ee Anm
Author of The Secret Code: Is It for Real?
Peter Ong
Author of THE BULLETTRAIN ENTREPRENEUR: 5 Pillars towards SME Success
Petra Laranjo
Author of Living On Purpose – The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others
Rajiv Talreja
Author of Lead or Bleed: How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance And Profits
Raza Aziz
Author of The Performance Zone
Renee Lopez
Author of Looking for a FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide
Rhonda Uretzky
Author of The Blissful Warrior – Living The Paradox Of Peace And Passion For Today’s Empowered Woman
Rich Clouse
Author of Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist: A Dentist’s Guide To A Debt-free Lifestyle
Rod Smith
Author of The Rod Effect: Master 8 Philosophies That Took Me from the Projects to NFL Super Bowl Stardom
Sally May Tan
Author of Wellness, The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!
Sherry Brantley
Author of STEPP (Start To Exercise Personal Power): How To Create Positive Change In Your Life
Sherry Jackson
Author of HOW TO ESCAPE THE RAT RACE: Four Keys To Acquire The Life of Your Dreams
Author of How To Stick It To The IRS: Confession From A Former Insider
Shilpa Gauba
Author of Be Heard:Raise your Brand’s Mindshare in Multicultural Communities
Susie Nelsen
Author of FINISHING WELL – Tying Up The Loose Ends Of A Great Life With Confidence And Peace Of Mind
Suzanne Miles
Author of Fork It: Keys To Amazing Health
Tahir Hussain
Author of The Unstoppable Millionaire: 9 Simple Steps To Stay Undefeated
Tianyi Lim
Author of APPSOLUTELY – How Anyone Can Absolutely Create A Money Making App In 10 Days Or Less
Todd Judkins
Author of Regain A Better Body, Better Health, And Turbo Charge Your Energy
Tove Jensen
Author of Grandparenting 2.0: Living Your Life, Leaving Your Legacy
Viki Kibodeaux
Author of My Life, My Choice
Wendy Vineyard
Author of Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day: Look and Feel 10 Years Younger – Naturally!
Yogendrasing Girase
Author of Build Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s!: Everything A Young Adult Should Know To Start Their Business Early
Yvanne Gagnon
Author of The Investor’s Guide for Beginners: Learn How to Get from $1,000 to 1 Million, Eliminate Your Financial Worries, and Gain the FREEDOM to Do What You Love
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