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Ahmad DuranaiAhmad Duranai
Author of The Leadership Zone: Lessons From The Front Lines



Alexander Robert Figueroa Alexander Robert Figueroa
Author of Assess This!: The Power of Introspection for Leaders.



Alexander WooAlexander Woo
Author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young and Rich?: Get Real& Get Rich



Analena RebeloAnalena Rebelo
Author of Getting to SOLD: Insider Secrets to Selling Your House Fast and ForTop Dollar



Anm Pek
Author of The Secret Code : Is It For Real?: Unleash The Power Within! Boost Up Your Levels To Get Ahead In TheGame Of Life! -Discover A Winning And Fulfilling Life ByApplying The Game Strategies And Tactics



Aquiles D. Tan Jr
Author of MY SECOND CHANCE: How I Survived 5 Head Surgeries and Lived to Tell about It



Bathandwa McubaBathandwa Mcuba
Author of Creative Culture: The Heart and Soul of South Africa



Benjamin FooBenjamin Foo
Author of iPOSSIBLE! How to Achieve Success Faster in Whatever You Do: TurningImpossibilities to Possibilities



Berns David LucanasBerns David Lucanas
Author of Time is Up!: How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Achieving YourGoals



Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall
Author of LETTING PURPOSE & PASSION DRIVE YOUR MARRIAGE: How To FindHarmony & Happiness – No Matter What!



Caroline Bachot
Author of Loi D’Attraction 2.0: Le Chemin Le Plus Court Vers Le Bonheur



Cynthia Davis
Author of In Search of Wisdom: The 6 Master Keys to Living the Life You Want and Deserve



Dan Mercer
Author of The Platinum Touch: What It Takes To Invest In Real Estate & Create Maximum (SAFE)Returns



David BunnyDavid Bunney
Author of Success Leaves A Trail: Fast-Track Your Success In 3 SimpleSteps



David L. HibbsDavid L. Hibbs
Author of The Art of Traveling: Choreographing Your Best Trip Ever



Dr. Andrea Maxim, NDDr. Andrea Maxim, ND
Author of MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestionand Hormones



Dr. Iqbal K M
Author of UNLIMITED INCOME NOW: Your Fastest Path To The Biggest Cash
Acquire New Skills And Boost Your Earning Capacity



Dr. José Cross Dr. José Cross
Author of BUSINESS IS BOOMING: 7 Powerful Keys To Unlocking Trust &Growing Your Business



Dr. Matthew Horkey
Author of TRAVEL LEARN EARN:Let The World Be Your Guide To Freedom!



Dr. Nora Anniesha
Author of The Reading Comprehension Guru: 15 Surefire Strategies To Get Your Child To The Top Of The Class



Elizabeth FrischElizabeth Frisch
Author of Mission to Million$: Taking Big Ideas and making Them Reality



Elma Alorro DionelaElma Alorro Dionela
Author of How To Turn Scars Into Stars: Overcoming the Mental Side of BreastCancer



Emma SoyEmma Soy
Author of THE P31 WORKSHOP: Putting Proverbs 31 to Work to Create AbundantHealth, Wealth and Beauty



Fabienne SlamaFabienne Slama
Author of Renaissance Woman: A Feminine MidLife Crisis From LOSS of IDENTITYto REBIRTH



Foo Chee Fong
Author of Why My Score Is Better Than Yours: Fast, Easy And Reliable Methods For Studying &Learning



Franky Ronaldy & Meow Ling Ng
Author of Life Sucks!: Everything You Need To Know About Living A Happy Life



Gurunath HariGurunath Hari
Author of The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism: Excel in Work and Life



Harry Sardinas
Author of Climbing Big Ben: A Guidebook To Making It Big!



Helga DeSousaHelga DeSousa
Author of Calmness: Find the Calm In The Storm & Enjoy Life Now



Helga DeSousaIgor Klibanov
Author of Stop Exercising!: The Way You Are Doing It Now – & DangerousFacts That Will Backfire and Cause You To Stay Fat or Hurt Yourself



Jack H.M. Wong
Author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips To Build The Business You Always Wanted



James TanJames Tan
Author of Your Cash Moves: What You Can Do To Create Lasting Riches



JAROD ANDERSON & T.L. ANDERSONJarod Anderson & TL Anderson
Author of Five Star Mentality: The Mindset Of The Super Achievers



Jeffrey Alan GrinelJeffrey Alan Grinel
Author of RockUrBrain: Fun Memory Game



Jessica Gill
Author of DAMSEL In EXCESS: How To Rescue Yourself Financially And Live Happily Ever After



Jessie Christo
Author of The Financial Toolbox: Your Best Business Guide To: Less Tax, Greater Profit, And More Time!



J. Michael CavittJ. Michael Cavitt
Author of The “R” Effect: How Nurturing Relationships is the Key To BoostingAny Business



Kevin Bergen
Author of The Bergen Protocol: How To Achieve Your Goals



Lim TianyiLim Tianyi
Author of Appsolutely: How Anyone Can Absolutely Create A Money Making App In10 Days Or Less



Marilyn PierceMarilyn Pierce
Author of Ground Work before Pound Work: Creating Life Changes from the insideOut



MarybethHainesMarybeth Haines
Author of The Power of Pets: 7 Effective Tools for Healing From Pet Loss Animal expert and grief counselor



Meor Amer RezaMeor Amer Reza
Author of Greatest Gift: Unlocking The Hidden Treasures In Your Children;Parent Power



Michelle Watson
Author of Overcome & Rise Above: How To Turn The Downside Of Challenges Into The Upside Of Renewing Your Life



Nathaddeus TanNathaddeus Tan
Author of The Success Gene: Discover How Young Entrepreneurs Can CreateWealth



Nikki PettNikki Pett
Author of Relationship ROI: How Associations, Charities, and Entrepreneurs HitFinaancial Targets



Patsy Chia
Author of Burden No More:Are You Feeling Anxious And Trapped Having To Care For Your LovedOnes?



Peng JoonPeng Joon
Author of Build a Money Machine: Make Money Online, Escape The 9-5, And BeFinancially Free



Peter OngPeter Ong
Author of The Bullettrain Entrepreneur: 5 Pillars Towards SME Success



Petra LaranjoPetra Laranjo
Author of Living On Purpose – The Key To Change Your Life And ImpactOthers



Petronilla Muriuki-MusauPetronilla Muriuki-Musau
Author of Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!: How to Be Happy and FulfilledNOW!



Princess Tsakani Nkambule
Author of From The Bedroom To The Boardroom: How Women Can Be Powerful &Win Big – ANYWHERE!



Rondea Wine
Author of Stop the Junk: Release the Power within You



Rudi Zimmerer
Author of Enjoy Your Life Now!: How To Become Happy And Successful WithPowerful Techniques From East And West



Sharon Woo
Author of Secrets Of The Financially FREE: How Ordinary People AchieveExtraordinary Financial Success



Shaun Bicego
Author of THE HAPPINESS EFFECT: Business Without The Headache



Sheryll M. Pura Sheryll M. Pura
Author of Suite Living: Hotel Quality Designs For Your Home



Shirley AnthonyShirley Anthony
Author of The NEW Entrepreneur: A Practical Marketing Guide for Growing YourBusiness NOW



Sindi ZilwaSindi Zilwa
Author of The Ace Model: Winning Formula for Audit Committees



Stanley BeckettStanley Beckett
Author of LIFTOFF: The Secret Keys to Launching Your Goals



Tan Choon KiangTan Choon Kiang
Author of Life Makeover: Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Life



Tom WillemsTom Willems
Author of The Roar of FREEDOM: A New Mayan Method: The 3-Step Program To FreeYour Mind



TsiTsi MusasikeTsiTsi Musasike
Author of Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth



Todd JudkinsTodd Judkins
Author of Regain A Better Body, Better Health, And Turbo Charge Your Energy

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