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Ricardo Aguilar

Ricardo Aguilar

Author of The Positive Truth (About Humanity): Discover the Power of Unconditional Love to Transform and Achieve Your Dreams

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Ricardo Ernesto Aguilar, Sr. is a very passionate man who is here on a soul mission to assist with the collective consciousness evolution of Humanity, into the 5th Dimension of Christ consciousness!

Back in the year 2011, he experienced an incredible life-changing spiritual awakening that led to his self discovery of who he is and his Life’s Purpose.

Ricardo underwent incredible transformation as a result of his spiritual awakening call on around 11-11-11 at 1:11pm to discover that he would be working for the City of LA whose address is 111 1st.

After googling the significance of the 11:11 awakening code, he discovered that his soul was one of the 144,000 thousand who had volunteered for a soul mission to help Humanity make a shift in consciousness, as a result of the misuse of atomic energy. The Three Waves of Souls, by Dolores Cannon, documents and backs up his story of who he is and what he’s come to do for Humanity and planet Earth! After detonating the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a loud cry for help was sent out throughout the galaxy for Ascended Masters to volunteer and help Humanity from the inside, since free will limited any external intervention.

This meant that these souls had to incarnate into a physical body and figure this out on their own, but with Angelic guidance, as in Ricardo’s case.

Soon after his awakening, he is immediately picked up, guided, and groomed by Angels and Ascended Masters from The Galactic Federation of Light, to assume his soul mission of traveling the world, inspiring change and bringing Unconditional Love back to the hearts of Humanity. He then regains full consciousness of his purpose and soul mission, as well as the sacred knowledge, Spiritual and Universal Laws of The Universe to assist him in manifesting his dreams of financial independence!

As a result, he has both created and embodied the character of Positive Man, The Most Positive Man In The Universe, which is the platform he will use to spread love, positive energy, and prosperity throughout the world!

He is becoming a celebrity on Facebook and the ride sharing service Lyft and has won the hearts of many, from his unshakable confidence, courage, positive advice, and extreme positive outlook on life.Many people have already benefited and transformed their lives, as a result of his inspiring messages and posts on Social Media.

He discovered The Law of One, which is the power of unconditional love to transform his life and achieve his dreams!

Ricardo Ernesto Aguilar, Sr, as Positive Man, is now paving the road to Positive World, which is total financial and emotional freedom.

By teaching Big History, the Spiritual and Universal laws, empowering the minds, and expanding consciousness; through facilitating pertinent knowledge, information, and history of Humanity and The Universe, people will now have an opportunity to make significant transformations in their lives, pursue, and achieve their dreams! They will go from ordinary workers to extraordinary co-Creators of heaven on Earth.

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