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Raza Aziz

Author of The Performance Zone

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Raza Aziz is an author, speaker, educator and a coach who inspires individuals to bring more of their uniqueness, their strengths and their passions to their environment, with the intention to help others and create a space of breakthrough performance and productivity.

Although He has been an avid reader of business, leadership and personal development books, he warrants his personal growth to 5 events in his life: 1 – his accidental transition to a Training & Development career; 2 – the birth of his daughter Aleeza; 3 – being a coach in the Self-Expression and Leadership program at Landmark Education 4 – his participation as a coach, trainer and team leader in Team UNITED International – a training and development team to help individuals operate a business from home. 5 – And finally, the relentless support of his wife Tazeen as he transitioned into the entrepreneurial world.

He has immersed himself in the study of human potential to help people be, do and have everything in their life as an expression of themselves. He dreams of a world where we take responsibility for not only knowing ourselves but also take responsibility to bringing all of our goodness to the world; to make it an inspirational place for us and our legacies.

In late 2013, as he was coaching and training 100s of individuals worldwide, Raza wanted to know why he was experiencing complete clarity in why, how and what he was doing, yet the resources he had utilized could not serve others. Why did he feel invincible and ready to face circumstances head-on and other powerful, educated, more experienced individuals felt defeated?

Using his funnel system, his recommendations and step by step guidance his clients experienced a new outlook on life; they became more engaged in the areas of life important to them and naturally stepped into the performance zone that helped them grow personally, spiritually and/or financially.

This journey also led Raza to seek out knowledge, mentors, and coaches that could help him solve the human potential puzzle. His advisors now consist of individuals who have shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Sir Richard Branson, and many well-known personalities.

Today, Raza has taken his cause and mission of true expression to the world. Through this book, his speaking engagements and workshops, he is spreading the message of Self Discovery as a source to leap into The Performance Zone.

The concept of BE – DO – HAVE has been introduced in many variations in many books, seminars and personal development workshops. The concept states that it takes a certain kind of a person with a certain mindset (BE), to take the actions necessary (DO) to produce certain results (HAVE). So if you want to drive performance in any area of your life, learn to impact the BEing.

This is where we have heard many clichés like: You have to have belief; you need to have faith; maintain a positive attitude; be responsible and accountable, etc….and rarely anyone really teaches how. How do you build or alter beliefs? What is the makeup of a belief? How do you get to the point where you are driven by faith? Is it just a matter of reading affirmations and reading self- help books?

Do you find yourself asking these questions?
Why do I make the decisions that I do?
What drives me?
How do I make choices in my life?
Why is my work draining my energies?
Why am I not full-filled at home and at work?

What choices can I make in my life today that will inspire me, give me the zest of life and give me the energy needed to perform at me breakthrough expression – My Performance Zone?

The Performance Zone addresses these questions by breaking down the BE – DO – HAVE conversation. Whether you are looking to elevate your performance as a leader at work or home; looking to create more engaged and purpose driven team; are frustrated with all the personal development and still not finding the breakthrough you seek; and want to learn and implement the mindset of those successful, then this book will give you a blueprint and step by step guide to help you through the journey.

The Performance Zone empowers people to take focused and deliberate steps necessary to engineer an internal first then external environment where performance can rise as an expression of the individual.

Raza Aziz introduces a funnel system that points to appropriate resources and provides a blueprint that can help you create a mindset of performance and execute a plan for intentional living, increased productivity and expanded results.

Learn how to…
You can use a self-discovery process to know what drives you. You can identify your natural gifts to gain clues to answer the question: Why do you do what you do? You can make purposeful choices, know and communicate where you add value.

In these pages you will uncover…

Where to begin the journey to your performance zone A resource to come face to face with your natural talents and channel them towards elevated performance.

What is the missing piece to your development?

Self-discovery and how it connects to your confidence, self-esteem and effectiveness.

The one thing that ALL successful individuals, organizations and leaders have and how you too hold the keys to unlocking it.

How clarity contributes to manifesting your desires and goals and how can you stay clear What leading organizations have that can help you in your decision-making process Why you are not reaching your goals and what to do about it.

Structures, accountabilities and responsibilities in bringing intentional performance to your cause How to use your WHY to elevate your performance The role of mentors and coaches and how to leverage it to your benefit.

Why stay committed to the process; and not be attached to the outcome.

Engineer an inspirational environment for success. Say goodbye to the default living and embark on a step by step journey to self-discovery and leverage it to leap into the performance zone.

Gain ability to make decisions fast
Be clear about who you are and what is important to you
Proactively work to bring your talents and passions to work
Enjoy meaningful work
Raise your level of Effectiveness
Become resourceful in setting up structures of accountability to fulfil on your commitments
Know exactly what skill needs to be developed to raise the level of your performance
Create goals as a realization of your personal vision
Experience increased confidence and creativity


“The Performance Zone is not just about Self-discovery. It is about taking responsibility for knowing yourself and then directing it to produce elevated performance in the areas of work, business and family. Read it if you want to awaken, the natural, congruent and the authentic GURU inside of you! – JAMES MACNEIL
, Author of The Guru Builder

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to overcome the key fears associated with transitioning into a new career or making a shift to being an entrepreneur. The Performance Zone fired me up. This book can lead to unprecedented levels of performance!!!” – AHMAD DURANAI , Author of The Leadership Zone

“Do not read another self-help book, attend a seminar, take a course or make any work, family or business decision until you read this book first. It will help you get clear on what you need and why before you spend your money. Self-Discovery, as a source to seek out and implement actions steps for intentional work, increased productivity, and expanded results: simple and ingenious.” –
PETER SELLS, Author of Power & Action

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