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Chanit Roston

Chanit Roston

Author of Say Yes to Success! Pursue Your Passion, Find Your Fire

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Chanit Roston is a mother of three accomplished adults. She has been a healer  in  several  modalities,  a  professional  painter  and  a  writer.  She  yields  practical and poignant words of experiential wisdom, which  are  sure  to  spur  anyone  reading  this  to  new  insights, enthusiasm and inspired action.

Chanit  knows  life  as  the  Major  Miracle  it  is.    She  is  a  survivor  of  the  holocaust  and  a  life-threatening  automobile accident.  She miraculously survived and has been thriving with inspiration as her fuel and love of people as the driving force.

Having met many people who have felt that their life circumstances  prevented  them  from  following  their hopes,  wishes  and  dreams  to  accomplish  hidden  yearnings,  Chanit  feels  their  pain  and  has  a  clear  vision and practical balm to soothe their spirit. There is no better place than here, no better time than now, to begin the promised journey to the magical horizon.

A pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella, which continues daily on the road of life, she has met many  such  pilgrims,  all  carrying  heavy  loads.  Some  people get pained by the loads they feel are weighing them down, their bodies ailing with minor and major pains.

Young   people   who   feel   hopeless,   aimless   and   discouraged;  older  people,  who  feel  left  behind  and  full of regrets, they lack the motivation to tackle what they  see  as  possibilities  never  attempted:  The roads  never taken.

Chanit   emphatically   relates   to   these   plights.   Her   major ambition has always been to be inspired and be inspiring. She has been doing that for many years on a small scale.

With this book she aims to bring the balm to a great number of people in such need.

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