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Ahmad Duranai

Author of The Leadership Zone – Lessons From The Front Lines

Akiko Kawakami

Author of PROCRASTINATION GONE: 7 Steps To Get Things Done And Create Wealth

Alan Steelman

Author of Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road: Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane!

Anastasia Button

Author of #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success, Business Millennial Consultant.

Andreea Mihalcea

Author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track To Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are

Angel Luk

Author of YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET: The Simplest Guidebook In Performance Nutrition For Every Athlete

Anna Dowe

Author of Bent Not Broken: Finding Your Power, Passion, and Purpose

Anwar Jumabhoy

Author of 9 ENTREPRENEURisms: Management Practice for a VUCA World

Ashikka Veerasamy

Author of Charge Up Your Organisation: Getting Real About Company ‘Diss-Ease And Its Sickening Effect On Profitability

Benjamin Foo

Speaker, Coach and Author of iPOSSIBLE®! – How To Achieve Success Faster In Whatever You Do: Turning Impossibilities To Possibilities

Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall

Author of Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage – How to Find Harmony & Happiness No Matter What!

Caroline Bachot

Author of Loi D’Attraction 2.0 – Le Chemin Le Plus Court Vers Le Bonheur

Caroline Hoogerwerf

Author of The Pain Dance: How to Deal with Chronic Pain and Move beyond Victimhood

Charlotte Canion

You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying: How to Parent Your Parents

Cheryl Duffy

Author of The Divorce Tango: Move On after Divorce and Be Happy Again

Chris Dyson

Author of Target Practice: 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game

Costel Coravu

Author of STOP CONFUSION: All You Need To Know And Wikipedia Cannot Tell You About How To Have Clarity And Success

David Bunney

Author of Success Leaves A Trail – Fast-Track Your Success In 3 Simple Steps

David Hibbs

Author of The Art of Traveling – Choreographing Your Best Trip Ever

Dee Sarwan

Author of How To MASTER Solo Start-ups: The Tell All Guide for Solo-preneurs to Help You Manage Like an EXPERT CEO

Derrick Ruiz

Author of Cloud Agent – How Real Estate Agents Can Combine Cloud Technology With A Powerful Mindset To Produce Extraordinary Results

Des & Belinda Werner

Author of How To Join the Mile-High Club: Your Ticket To Unlimited Potential

Dr. Andrea Maxim

Author of MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones

Dr. Leonard Scott

The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness

Dr. Naomi Dongelmans

Author of Reinvigorated Caregivers: 7 Amazing Ways To Become Remarkable At Caring For People With Dementia

Dr. Pamela Forbes

Author of The Forbes Way: How To Lead Based Upon Integrity, Innovation, And Ingenuity

Dr. Tim Errington

Author of Posture Matters: The New Guidebook to Vibrant Health, Longevity, and Maximized Potential

Elma Alorro Dionela

Author of How To Turn Scars – Overcoming The Mental Side Of Breast Cancer

Fiona Taylor

Author of Discover Your Voice Of Power: 7 Ways To Be Heard Loud And Clear

Florin Pasat

Author of WOW Now! – The New Guide To Reclaim An Abundant And Spectacular Life

Gargi Agarwala

Author of Wellthy Ways: 8 Counterintuitive Steps to Longevity, Self-Care, and Inner Freedom

Gee Isa-al

Author of Home At Last!: How Migrant Workers Can Retire Rich And Worry Free!

Gillian Stevens

Author of Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others

Gina Van Luven

Author of Nutrition for Success: How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life

Gurunath Hari

Author of The 6 Dimensions – Overcome Presenteeism: Excel In Work And Life (Powerful New Ways To Know What’s Stopping You And Do What It Takes To Get Ahead)

Helga DeSousa

Author of Calmness: Find The Calm In The Storm & Enjoy Life Now

Irina Vasilescu

Author of The Life and Adventures of Lazarillo de Tormes and Amis, the Sword-Mouse

Jabulani Cele

Author of Achievement Mastery System: How To Achieve Everything You Want Growing From The Inside Out

Jack H.M. Wong

Author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips To Build The Business You Always Wanted

James Keck

Author of Lose 20 Lbs Keep It Off Forever: The Secret to Weight Loss for Life

Jarod & Tanika Anderson

Author of Five Star Mentality- The Mindset of the Super Achievers

Jason Campbell

Author of How To Buy Or Sell A Home Without Getting SCREWED!: Buy Right, Sell Right, Reduce Stress, And Stay Sane!

Jeffrey Alan Grinel

Author of Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain – Fun Memory Game

Jessie Christo

Author of The Financial Toolbox – Your Best Business Guide To: Less Tax, Greater Profit, And More Time!

Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman

Authors of The New Power Couple | Relationship Speakers | Marriage Mentors

Jochen Siepmann

Author of The Property Apprentice: How To Earn While You Learn

Jorge De Andrade

Author of Scale Up IT: The Roadmap to Bring Your Enterprise to the Next Level

Leila Khan

Author of 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!: A Guide to Handling ANY Problem with Ease

Lillie Cawthorn

Author of The Money Factory – How Any Woman Can Make An Extra $30,000 To $100,000 Passive Income

Luminita Baltaretu

Author of AFRAID OF TURNING 50?: The Rest of Your Life: How To Make The BEST OF IT

Maggie Georgopoulos

Author of UP THE LADDER IN A SKIRT: Solidifying Your Leadership, One Bold Step At A Time

Marilyn Pierce

Author of Ground Work before Pound Work: Creating Life Changes from the Inside Out

Marisol Rose

Motivational Speaker and Family Mediator

Mark Castillero

Author of More Than a Dog Whisperer: Making It Big in the Dog Training Industry

Mary Bosiu

Author of Success Fundamentals Vol. II: Nuggets & Pearls of Wisdom to Help You Pump the Greatness in You!

Millie Leung

Author of Mind and Money Makeover: How to Transform Your Life and Live Your Dreams in 3 Years or Less

Nikki Arnold

Author of POSITIVITHINK™: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Peggy Weekes

Author of A Mix of Two Worlds: Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health

Pek Siok Ee Anm

Author of The Secret Code: Is It for Real?

Peter Ong

Author of THE BULLETTRAIN ENTREPRENEUR: 5 Pillars towards SME Success

Petra Laranjo

Author of Living On Purpose – The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others

Rajiv Talreja

Author of Lead or Bleed: How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance And Profits

Raza Aziz

Author of The Performance Zone

Renee Lopez

Author of Looking for a FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide

Rhonda Uretzky

Author of The Blissful Warrior – Living The Paradox Of Peace And Passion For Today’s Empowered Woman

Rich Clouse

Author of Rich Dentist, Poor Dentist: A Dentist’s Guide To A Debt-free Lifestyle

Rod Smith

Author of The Rod Effect: Master 8 Philosophies That Took Me from the Projects to NFL Super Bowl Stardom

Sally May Tan

Author of Wellness, The New Luxury: A Modern Paradigm To Truly Having It All!

Sherry Jackson

Author of How To Escape The Rat Race: Four Keys To Acquire The Life of Your Dreams Author of How To Stick It To The IRS: Confessions From A Former Insider

Shilpa Gauba

Author of Be Heard:Raise your Brand’s Mindshare in Multicultural Communities

Susie Nelsen

Author of FINISHING WELL – Tying Up The Loose Ends Of A Great Life With Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Suzanne Miles

Author of Fork It: Keys To Amazing Health

Tahir Hussain

Author of The Unstoppable Millionaire: 9 Simple Steps To Stay Undefeated

Theresa Barnabei

Author of The Flight of Your Life, How to get from where you are to where you want to be! and 10 New Marketing Realities For The Real Estate Industries

Tianyi Lim

Author of APPSOLUTELY – How Anyone Can Absolutely Create A Money Making App In 10 Days Or Less

Todd Judkins

Author of Regain A Better Body, Better Health, And Turbo Charge Your Energy

Tove Jensen

Author of Grandparenting 2.0: Living Your Life, Leaving Your Legacy

Travon Taylor

Author of Success Chasing You: A Journey to Discovering One's True Purpose and Achieving Greatness in Any Areas of Life

Viki Kibodeaux

Author of My Life, My Choice

Wendy Vineyard

Author of Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day: Look and Feel 10 Years Younger – Naturally!

Yogendrasing Girase

Author of Build Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s!: Everything A Young Adult Should Know To Start Their Business Early

Yvanne Gagnon

Author of The Investor’s Guide for Beginners: Learn How to Get from $1,000 to 1 Million, Eliminate Your Financial Worries, and Gain the FREEDOM to Do What You Love